Constitution Party Nominates Don Blankenship for President on Second Ballot

By William Saturn, Independent Political Report, May 2nd, 2020:

At its National Convention online today, the Constitution Party nominated former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship for President on the second ballot. William Mohr was nominated unanimously for vice president.

As posted at Ballot Access News, the vote went as follows:

First ballot:

  1. Blankenship 139.5 (46.19%)
  2. Charles Kraut 77.8 (25.76%)
  3. Samm Tittle 46.35 (15.35%)
  4. Don Grundmann 25.25 (8.36%)
  5. Daniel Clyde Cummings 13.1 (4.24%)

Second ballot:

  1. Blankenship 177 (57.28%)
  2. Kraut 86.75 (28.07%)
  3. Grundmann 24 (7.77%)
  4. Tittle 21.25 (6.88%)

Blankenship, 70, was the CEO of Massey, a coal mining company, from 2000 until 2010.  During his tenure the 2010 Upper Big Branch Mine disaster killed 29 people in West Virginia. Blankenship blames the disaster on the negligence of officials from the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  The federal investigation that followed the disaster led to the prosecution of Blankenship.  At the criminal trial, the jury rejected three felony charges but found him guilty of conspiring to violate federal mine safety laws, a misdemeanor with a prison sentence of one year.  The prosecutors were later found to have committed reckless misconduct due to their failure to disclose witness memoranda. Blankenship continues to maintain his innocence and decided to run for West Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat after leaving prison in 2017.

Read the rest here:

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