Adam Kokesh reacts to Justin Amash’s entry into the race for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Welcomes Independent Congressman Justin Amash to the Race, Asks him to Change Affiliation to Libertarian

It was great to see that Congressman Justin Amash has finally taken my advice to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for President. Unfortunately for him, he only took half my advice and, like walking on stage with his fly down, this is about to turn into an embarrassing loss for Justin: he forgot to change his affiliation to Libertarian first.

It’s great to see Justin bringing so much mainstream media attention to the Libertarian Party. Why is the mainstream media suddenly supporting a Libertarian Party candidate? I hope it’s because they have suddenly become interested in libertarian ideas and principles, but I’m much more inclined to believe that the liberal media wants Justin to be the nominee because he’ll “take” more votes from Trump than Biden, he’ll get way less votes than a Libertarian without the old party baggage, and he will condemn the Libertarian Party to irrelevance for decades as the party of “washed up Republicans.” Mark my words, if the mainstream media successfully manipulates the Libertarian Party into nominating a “washed up Republican” for the fourth cycle in a row, they will turn on him and us and call him much worse things as soon as we walk into their trap.

Keep doing what you’re doing if you want the same results. This applies to the Libertarian Party nominating “not-quite-libertarians” as well as the American people electing duopoly candidates. In 2016 we had the most politically experienced ticket on the ballot and couldn’t even crack 5%. That will never get America to the “Libertarian Moment” that we know is long overdue.

What I’m offering my Libertarian Party is a proven record of success spreading our message and an ethical platform consistent with our values. This new focus will not only help us succed as a party but also offers us the opportunity to make history. This platform literally puts consent of the governed on the ballot this November.

Instead of giving the American voters a chance to have their chains repositioned, we offer a world set free in our lifetime.

Localization is the future for the Libertarian Party. Throughout the last two years since we planted the flag of this idea, we have seen not only people from across the country flock to it but have witnessed other candidates adopting it as part of their message.

It is not time to pick up the scraps left behind by the larger parties. It is time to be bold and unafraid to stand on principle and declare our freedom. We have the opportunity to rise as a party and give the American people another choice.

I’m running for President with the Libertarian Party to dissolve the federal government in a peaceful, orderly, responsible bankruptcy giving us 50 independent states and up to 562 sovereign native nations … because I’m tired of this crap! I’m tired of poor men dying to line rich men’s pockets. I’m tired of veteran suicides. I’m tired of the drug war destroying lives. I’m tired of countless Americans dying from pharmaceuticals. I’m tired of people who care about freedom being fooled by people who don’t! I’m tired of Americans struggling to take care of our kids, living paycheck to paycheck, because our work, our inheritance, our potential is being stolen from us! If you’re as tired as I am, let’s take it back!

America, we are too good for this government! We don’t have to be forced into one system to be united in American values. Localization is the cure for polarization. With community level government, you can live in harmony with systems that represent your values and meet your needs. With localization, we unite every single American around that which makes us America!

I choose Freedom. I choose peace. I choose Localization. I choose to Live and Let Live.

Justin, welcome to the race, and hopefully the party. NOW ZIP UP YOUR FLY!

Source: Adam Kokesh’s Facebook profile, April 29th, 2020

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