BAN: Constitution Party Will Hold a Videoconference National Convention

From BAN:

Constitution Party Will Hold a Videoconference National Convention

Posted on  by Richard Winger

On March 25, the Constitution Party National Committee approved a plan for a presidential convention that will be by videoconference. It will be May 1-2. Delegates must be registered by April 15. Presidential candidates may be nominated on the motion of two state delegations. Delegates can send debate questions in advance for the presidential debate. Each state delegation will caucus after the speeches and other presentations. Each state can decide for itself whether to have a physical meeting or a remote meeting. Chairs of each state’s delegation will announce their state’s vote, but each delegate will also separately e-mail his or her vote to the national secretary, as a back-up.

The fee to be a delegate has been reduced, so ironically that, along with the elimination of travel costs, may increase the number of delegates.

The party had amended its bylaws in 2008 to provide for this type of convention in case of a national emergency, so no bylaw change was needed.

The details should be on the party’s national website in a few days.Posted in Uncategorizedpermalink

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Constitution Party Will Hold a Videoconference National Convention — 22 Comments

  1. Andy on  said:Wouldn’t a videoconference be better?
  2. Richard Winger on  said:I think I used the wrong word, and it is a videoconference. Thanks for mentioning this. I will correct the post.
  3. Andy on  said:I heard that the Constitution Party shot down a motion to conduct their national committee meetings via videoconference awhile back. That was a bad move, in my opinion.There are people in the Libertarian Party who have been talking about moving at least some of LNC meeting to videoconference, but as far as I know, it has yet to be done. I really see no reason for a political party’s national committee to have more than one in person meeting per year.I do think that national conventions should be in person (unless there is a disease scare like now, or a natural disaster), because national conventions are good for drawing publicity and socializing.
  4. Jeff Becker on  said:Will the public be allowed to watch via livestream? If so, hopefully at no cost.
  5. Demo Rep on  said:ZERO party hack caucuses, primaries and conventions for PUBLIC nominations.Parties can have clubby websites for platform machinations — for pre-skooool clubby MORON types [some of which are on BAN].—
    ONE election day
    EQUAL nom pets
    The REAL candidates become the PUBLIC legislative party— to show the super-extremism of the top RED communist Donkeys and Blue fascist Elephants.
  6. Fact checker on  said:Can someone translate the previous comment to human?
  7. Ban Demo Rep on  said:Something about not leaving the basement in thirty years.
  8. Me Pedro on  said:Tom Jones vive en el sótano de su madre y todavía bebe su leche de una taza con sorbos. Pero perdió su chupete y a su conejito de peluche le falta una oreja, así que por favor sea amable con él hoy.
  9. Jim Riley on  said:@FC,Demo Rep believes that candidates should qualify for the ballot as individuals, just as they do in most cities. Formal privileges for political parties would be eliminated. This does not preclude individuals associating together in political parties or on ad hoc basis to support individual candidates, just as they did in De Tocqueville’s time.
  10. Demo Rep on  said:3 usual morons / trolls / spies
    1 human
    ——MODEL STATE CONST PARTSec. 5. (1) All elected officers shall be registered Electors in addition to any other qualifications in this constitution.
    (2) A person may hold only 1 elected or appointed office.
    (3) All incumbents and all other candidates shall respectively file a declaration of candidacy by [5] P.M.][203] and [196] days before the election day.
    (4) The names of all candidates shall be put on the election ballots only by Elector forms equal by law to not more than [0.1] percent of the number of Electors who voted in the last regular election in such area which shall be filed and verified respectively by [105] and [70] days before the election day.
    (5) Elector form [12] point type, [3.5 by 4.25 inches]:
    NOMINATING PETITION – PARTISAN (for legislative offices) / NONPARTISAN (for executive and judicial offices)
    I nominate (candidate’s name and address) (of the (one word party name – not more than 16 capital letters) Party) for (office) in (election area) at the (date) election.
    Elector signature, printed name, address and date signed. [Elector in area involved]
    Return to- (address)
    (6) No filing shall be withdrawn.
    (7) Legislative candidates shall have their party’s name in (5) [and all candidates may by law have a [0.4 inch by 0.4 inch] symbol] next to their names on the ballots.
    (8) All legislative body candidates and members shall file 1 or more rank order lists of persons to fill any temporary or permanent vacancy of the candidate or member during an election time or term respectively.
    (9) The qualified person who is highest on the list shall fill the vacancy.
    (10) If (8-9) does not happen, then the other candidates of his/her party (if any), the other members of his/her party (if any) or the legislative body shall fill such vacancy with a qualified person of the same party immediately at its next meeting, as the case may be.
  12. Me Pedro on  said:Gee, Tommy. Eres tan listo. Deberías postularte para un cargo.
  13. Demo Rep on  said:When will the resident moron go to Adam/Eve original language ???or at least Noah’s Ark language ???or at least the various DEAD languages of monarch/oligarch killer/enslaver regimes – destroyed by civil/foreign wars ???
  14. Ban Demo Rep on  said:Tommy Jones is riled up today! Maybe he needs an enema.
  15. Fact checker on  said:Why can’t you write in 21st century English? Hell, Elizabethan English would be an upgrade for you. You’re not helping any point you want to make by writing it in gibberish, bullshit, nonsense, or whatever term can be used to describe the collection of words and non-words that you write. Get a clue!
  16. Demo Rep on  said:Besides the morons being generally math clueless they are are super-clueless regarding constitutional LAW language.Waiting for the BAN purge of them so they rot elsewhere on the internet – Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, etc.
  17. Me Pedro on  said:Es hora de tomar tu medicación, Tommy.
  18. Dom Pere on  said:De toute évidence quelque chose dans l’air dans la ville automobile. Je vous suggère d’appeler votre thérapeute, Thomas.
  19. Fact checker on  said:Thank you Demo Rep. That actually made sense.
  20. Demo Rep on  said:What is the word for MORON in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc. ???Too many MORONS to count in election law stuff in all languages — esp on BAN.
  21. Rod Empe on  said:Here ya go, Tommy: báichī (Chinese), leathcheann (Irish), bevakooph (Hindi)
  22. Cody Quirk on  said:*grabs his bowl of popcorn*

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